Are You Using Two-Factor Authentication to Secure Yourself Online?

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Are You Using Two-Factor Authentication to Secure Yourself Online?

Did I Forget To Lock The Front Door

When you leave the house in the morning, do you lock the doors?  What about when you get out of your car.  Chances are you are definitely locking up.  Especially we feel these actions will keep our “things” safe and secure.  Why don’t you take the same care of your digital assets.  Ok, so we use passwords to protect our accounts, but many people use extremely weak passwords because they are easy to remember.  Did you know you are more likely to have a breach in one of your online accounts than you are having someone break into your home?  Didn’t know that did you.

Well, two-factor authentication to the rescue.  Since many of us carry our mobile devices with us the majority of the time, it becomes that second defense mechanism to protect you and your account access.  You need both your password and your mobile device to access those critical accounts.  Even if that thief hacks your password, without your mobile device there’s no getting in.  Think of it as a “smart lock” for your digital accounts.

So, take a few minutes to read this article by Matthew Guay at Zapier to learn more about how to protect yourself.  It’s really not hard to use and you will sleep better at night knowing you are fully protected.

Two-Factor Authentication – Learn More


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