What Are Your Challenges with Working Remotely?

What Are Your Challenges with Working Remotely?

Many of us are in positions where it is often necessary to work remotely from your main office.  While this can be very convenient, there are times when there are challenges working remotely.  Depending on where you are physically working, you could have limited internet access, noisy surroundings and no access to necessary materials.  If you are a remote employee working primarily from home, a different set of challenges often come into play.  Now is a perfect example for me, as it is nearly 1:00 AM and I a still at my desk working on something that could likely be done in the morning.  We tend to be “always-on” in these remote environments and the lines begin to blur between work & personal. Alas, there is a cure.

I came across an article a few days ago that talks about ways you can get things back under control.  Aside from prioritizing and scheduling your work activities, set some ground rules for yourself and those around you will go a long way toward helping you achieve higher levels of productivity.  Have a clean and organized workspace is a powerful attribute in this process.  We just need to MAKE the time to get ourselves together.

Read the article for yourself.  You may find some useful tidbits that will help you.

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