Does Your Business Have A Digital Strategy?

Does Your Business Have A Digital Strategy?

As a businesses small or large, you are likely to have a great deal of competition and if you want to stand out you absolutely can’t neglect your online presence. Investing in your digital strategy and delivering in keys areas can lead to more leads, more sales, increased growth and higher levels of customer retention.  Now we all know that generating leads and bringing in new customers can be a difficult task, especially for smaller operations.  Jumping into the digital world is surely something many have avoided for far too long.  However, crafting an effective digital strategy that includes a wide and complementary range of sales and marketing elements could be the difference between your business growing profitably or stagnating and failing.

Because this digital thing is not always so straight forward and easy, we are often not really sure where to start.  Quite a few business owners are under the misconception that having a basic website, LinkedIn and Facebook pages and some infrequent tweeting in the recipe for a digital marketing strategy, but believe me it is not enough.  If you have a strong desire to increase the number of leads to your business using the web, consider beginning by incorporating a few solid approaches that could indeed deliver some favorable results.

Lyndon Wood does a nice job overviewing several approaches that can easily be executed to begin driving more leads to your business.  Between inbound & outbound marketing, landing pages and the propensity toward mobile apps, you can create a strategy that will drive new business to your doorstep, while upping your customer retention.  As business owners, we just need to allocate some time and effort toward this important element of our business.  Read it for yourself!  Comment and share your thoughts with us.

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