Is Your Business Protected Against Ransomware?


Is Your Business Protected Against Ransomware?

By now, you probably read about the global attack on business large and small known as Ransomware.  Millions of dollars have changed hands as a result of opportunistic thieves and unwary users.  Our thirst to stay connected and peruse the digital world around us has made many careless and a bit too trusting.  Access to information, news and entertainment content is so easy to obtain, we often forget some of the basic tenants to accessing this digital content.  Always on and ready mobile devices have made things very convenient while causing us to practice unsafe methods.  This has created a ripe environment for those with nefarious intentions.

The two likely sources of Ransomware are compromised websites and email attachments. Prevention starts with educating users.

In many cases, some type of social engineering has lured users to infecting themselves.  We get so caught up in the moment, that we forget to “lock the door behind us.”  Fortunately, with a little education and reminders, we can develop good practices that will keep us safe.  It starts with the right levels of preparation that includes developing and leveraging consistent backup strategy best practices.  Prevention through training and education along with protecting yourself with the many commonly available tools goes a long way.  The key becomes staying productive by avoiding the disruption to your personal and business life that resulting from a major ransomware infection.

I recently read an article in PC Magazine written by Matthew D. Sarrel that talks specifically about this global ransomware epidemic and how it has affected so many.  He outlines ways that we can protect ourselves and I believe it is worth reading.  Take the time to put the appropriate protections and practices in place to prevent being the one who gets infected.  It doesn’t take that much time and you will be glad you did.  Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have!

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