The Agile Infrastructure – A Key to Business Efficiency

The Agile Infrastructure – A Key to Business Efficiency


IT organizations are constantly struggling to keep up with the every changing needs of the business when it comes to business infrastructure.  Although virtualization has made it easy to provision new server resources quickly, the other supporting components can often require significant blocks of time.  Forward-thinking organizations have begun looking to converged and hyper-converged infrastructure platforms to help solve this challenge.

Leveraging automation and orchestration give the IT organization the ability to keep up with the fast-changing needs of the business.  Application backlogs can be cleared, while some self-service functionality can be provided for the user base.  With the creation of an agile, flexible IT infrastructure, the organization can better leverage its investments in both people and equipment.  Virtualization can be a key element in transforming your business allowing you to keep pace with the ever-changing marketplace.

Trey Layton, CTO at EMC, talks more about how this has become the Enterprise’s best-kept secret.


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